What are the benefits of Massage ?

There are substantial rewards to be achieved through regular massage therapy treatments .  Whether your need is to have a relaxing moment, decrease muscle tightness or to achieve relief from chronic pain, massage significantly improves the quality of your overall sense of physical and emotional well-being

What happens during my first visit ?

Please make yourself known to the main reception that you have a massage appointment. The Massage therapist will have your consultation form that you have completed electronically prior to the session, this is a short questionnaire which establishes you are safe to receive massage and enables the massage therapist to adapt the session to your specific needs

What happens during the treatment ?

After a brief chat regarding the consultation sheet  the Massage Therapist will leave the room for a few minutes and you will be asked to get undressed and to get comfortable on the Massage couch, you will be covered under a blanket. Towels are used throughout the session to keep you warm and comfortable. You can leave your underwear on and the therapist will work around you. It is fine to chat during the treatment but the therapist will not initiate conversation. After the treatment the therapist will tell you the treatment has finished and will leave the room to give you privacy to get dressed

After the treatment how will i feel ?

After the treatment most people feel very relaxed and feel a real sense of relieve from their long term aches and pains.  Initially some people can feel a new energy and productivity surge which can last a few days. Some people can feel slowed down and needing to catch up on sleep for a day or so. Deep Tissue Massage can cause you to be a little sore the next day so its good to take a good soak in a warm bath to ease this.  Its important to rehydrate after a massage so its advised to drink a couple of glasses of water to keep your tissues healthy

How often should i get a Massage ?

If you’re looking at a specific condition regarding muscular tension that’s built up over time then its advised to book a couple of sessions within 10 days of each session.  When targets are met its advised to go on a maintenance massage plan every 4 to 6 weeks

Payment facilities

Payment can be made on the day using all major credit or debit cards. You can also pay online by PayPal in advance, or by cash or cheque on the day