Invigorating legs massage

Enjoy the significant benefits of an invigorating legs massage which include restored flexibility a better range of motion, improved athletic performance, faster workout recovery, less injuries and faster improvement from injury.

A legs massage is essential in removing lactic acid build up, this will eliminate feelings of stress and keep the body in peak performance

How does an invigorating legs massage increase my performance?

Getting an invigorating legs massage assists your body to a state of higher efficiency so that you can get an extra 25% more, better speed, better strength and more performance.

Receiving an invigorating legs massage will break down muscle adhesion’s, break down knots, increase range of motion, reduce pain, improve circulation, stretch tight muscles, relieve stiffness and generally decrease the negative after effects of intense training. This results in you training harder than you ever before and therefore will excel to higher levels than you thought possible.

Benefits of an invigorating legs massage:

Reduce the time it takes for an injury to heal, It also assists to form soft pliable scar tissue. Eliminate splinting in associated muscle tissues and maintain a far better range of movement.  £45 for 50 minutes 

‘Excellent in tailoring the massage to what is needed’

I have really struggled to work in my fitness after a period of ilness and massage really helped when I injured my knee. Bryan is excellent in tailoring the message to what is needed – a perfect compliment to physio.  He is always so friendly and flexible that i keep coming back for maintenance.

Jo - Doctor