Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage has been practiced in more or less its present form at least 1,000 years. It is a member of the whole family of oriental bodywork, which is based on the intrinsic flow and energy balance theory of health and healing.

The Indian yogic influence is very obvious to both the observer and recipient of this unique form of massage. In Thai medical theory the body’s vital life energy flows along channels called ‘Sen’. This energy powers all the physical, mental and emotional processes which will only function normally when energy supply matches demand. Any imbalance or blockage in the distribution of this energy can cause pain and disease. The careful application of pressure along these channels helps to release any energy blockages and stagnation.

Thai body work is a fusion of techniques, each of them with its own specific effect. Some techniques apply pressure to the ‘Sen’ channels while others produce wonderful twists and stretches that often resemble applied yoga. Pressing is the means of stimulating movement of energy in the ‘Sen’ channels and manipulations stretch muscles. Feet, palms, thumbs, elbows and knees are the tools of the Thai therapist.

Bryan Rookes our resident therapist specializes in Thai massage, he successfully completed training at the Wat Pho Traditional Medical School in Bangkok. This is considered the master source for the learning and receiving of this ancient practice.  £45 for 50 minutes or £88 for 100 minutes

‘Renewed me on every level’

I came to Bryan on the verge of no longer being able to stand for all the tension in my neck, shoulders, back, thighs, hips and calves.  In one session I could continue to work and now six sessions later I am a new person. His work has renewed me on every level. Precise,accurate, skillful and compassionate I highly recommend his work.  EXCELLENT

Frank - Cleaner